The First Shock Nearly Killed Him, the Next Two Helped Save His Life

Zoll Medivac AED Rescue Helicopter - WA-AED - Purple Engineering

Utility Employees Revive Man Shocked with 7,200 Volts “He’s hit!” yelled the lead line technician. “I looked at him and said this guy’s dead,” muttered another, shaking his head in stunned disbelief.A massive 7,200 volt shock of electricity had just surged through Lee Younts’ left index finger, through his heart, and out through his right…

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Automotive Manufacturing Plant Drives Well-Oiled Safety Plan

Zoll AED Automotive Case Study - WA-AED - Purple Engineering

Stan Weber,* a 54-year-old robotic welder for Newman Technology Alabama, Inc., was on automatic pilot when he entered the break room before his shift. He doesn’t remember sitting down in the room crowded with coworkers between shifts. All he remembers is his drive to work on a four-lane highway and thinking about how bad the…

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Ottawa Police Service and the Submerged Zoll AED Plus

Submerged Zoll AED Plus - WA-AED - Purple Engineering

The SettingConstable Rick Giroux of the Ottawa Police Service is assigned to the harbor patrol. His boat is outfitted with a ZOLL® AED Plus® automated external defibrillator (AED). Giroux recalls a unique situation one autumn that involved this AED. The Accident“Our patrol boat was docked because of a large impending storm,” said Giroux. “We had…

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Dentist Office Save Gives Teeth to Importance of On-Site AEDs

Zoll AED Dentist Save - WA-AED - Purple Engineering

Eighty-year- old Nancy Simley’s only concern about going to the dentist is to be on time. For 20 years, she has never wanted to keep Dr. Roy Daniels waiting. Her September appointment was no different. Nancy stepped into Dr. Daniels’ Sedona, Arizona, office early enough to chat with the receptionist before heading into the operatory…

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A Zoll AED Worth its Salt

Cardiac arrest victim Greg Kurelko’s American Rock Salt colleagues - WA-AED

It was still dark when Mike Smith, a surface electrician at the American Rock Salt Company’s Hampton Corners Mine in Mt. Morris, New York, arrived for work at 4:30 a.m. on February 18. Mike liked to get to work a half-hour early for the first shift. A member of the mine’s rescue team with two…

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