Phillips Efficia DFM100 Defibrillator/Monitor


The WA-AED in Perth has been the distributor in Australia of Phillips Efficia DFM100 Defibrillator/Monitor to meet the advanced requirements of hospital code teams, nurses, physicians, and first-responders in the emergency medical service (EMS) environment. The device is easy to use in all modes. It can be used to monitor ECG and optional pulse oximetry…

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ZOLL-X Series Defibrillator


The X Series® extends the ZOLL heritage of smaller, lighter monitor/defibrillators. Pick it up & feel the difference. At 6 kilograms (11.7 pounds), chances are it’s twice as lightweight as what you’re carrying nowadays. With its high-contrast, colour display that simultaneously shows up to four waveforms, the X Series delivers the capabilities you expect from…

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ZOLL X-Series Advanced Defibrillator


Cardiac Arrest is one of the most critical moments for every rescuer. Bag-valve masks have been the standard of care for decades. however, it’s difficult to see the actual air a patient receives through this procedure.   Pointers recommend a rate of 10 breaths per minute when ventilating a patient. however, the typical provider has been…

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